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Overview - About Us

We can:
  • Create a glass master and press your CDs, DVDs, and BDs (Blu-ray Discs) from your master and artwork to finished disc, including all of your printed inserts. From packaging to delivery, from concept to retail-ready, in-house with industry leading service
  • Load your data onto USB sticks with specialized printing and packaging
  • Produce your plastic cards with full printing, bar-codes, magnetic strips, and chips
  • Manage and produce your commercial offset lithographic, digital print, and finishing requirements in a most efficient and timely manner
  • Create virtually any form of multimedia presentation that you may require
  • Create and manage all of your web requirements including web design & development, animation, e-commerce and complex programming
  • Transfer, edit, and digitally author your video content for DVD
  • Produce any size order; hassle free, on time and on budget