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Superior replication and duplication services for CD/DVD & Blu-rayŽ
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Our Products & Services:
Multi-disc Cardboard
Our Cardboard Sleeves come in various designs to store multiple discs. Microforum has developed Cardboard Design styles to hold 2 CDs, 3 CDs and even up to 4 discs for CD box sets!

Microforum offers a selection of Board Printed styles (printed paper that has a thickness of 15 pt) that hold more than one disc.

Our Multi-Disc CD Card stock styles:

4-Panel Cardboard Sleeves that hold 2 discs
D2087 D2004 D2003 D2007
D2042 D2065
6-Panel Cardboard Sleeves that hold 2 discsD3019 D3003
6-Panel Cardboard Sleeves that hold 3 disc
D3031 D3041 D3016
8-Panel Cardboard Sleeves that hold 4 discsD4025
For more information about CD and DVD Cardboard Sleeves that hold multiple discs, please request a quote, contact us at services@microforum.ca or call us at 1.800.465.CDCD (2323).
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