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Our Products & Services:
Business Card Size CDs
Custom Shaped Discs
The CD business card is a revolutionary product!

With a capacity of 40MB (or a 50MB option), this wallet-sized card-CD and can be used to store video, electronic information, a catalogue, music, a presentation, powerpoint slides, PDFs and more!

This portable CD can hold:
  • Thousands of B&W letter sized pages of digital information
  • nearly 6 minutes of CD-quality audio,
  • almost 5 minutes of full size VCD-quality MPEG1 video
The business card CD (also called the hockey-rink CD because its shape resembles a hockey arena) works in most standard CD players that have a tray, which is the case for the majority of computers and audio players. Note: some juke-box style CD players that receive a CD by feeding the disc into the device may not be able to play business card or mini CDs (you should always check your player's manual before attempting to play any mini CD in these devices).

Microforum is a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of uniquely shaped and sized discs.

For more information about business card size CDs (hockey rink mini CDs), you can request a quote, contact us at services@microforum.ca or call us at 1.800.465.CDCD (2323).
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