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Superior replication and duplication services for CD/DVD & Blu-rayŽ
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Our Products & Services:
Blu-ray Replication
DVD and Blu-ray®
For your Blu-ray Video and BD-ROM Replication Services needs, Microforum offers turnkey Bluray Manufacturing Services. To manufacture a disc, the process always begins with glass mastering, which is derived from your Blu-ray Master source and yields a metal nickel Blu-ray stamper which is used to injection mold the final disc's data layers. In this process, polycarbonate pellets are melted to manufacture a custom Bluray from your very own Glass Mastered Stampers. Click here to view a Video of our Manufacturing Facilities.

For more information on the Blu-ray specification, click here.

Once the discs are molded, we use specialized silk screening, digital printing, or offset disc printing equipment and fully automated disc packaging machines to add the finishing touches.

Why choose Microforum as your Bluray Disc BD Replication Supplier?
  • We provide quality Mastered Blu-ray Replication for BD-25, BD-50
  • A turnkey replicator with complete printing and packaging services
  • We manufacture Digipaks, Cardboard Sleeves on site!
  • Automated lines with quality control detection technologies to ensure a perfect finished product, every time!
  • We print and package materials on site, which is why we have the most reliable service in the industry
  • Our Service.... we put you, the customer, first.
Other services: Ask us about generating a Barcode for your BD project, authoring an advanced navigation menu for your BD job, or adding special features to your Bluray Disc.

For more information about our BD-ROM and BD-Video Manufacturing Services, you can request a quote, contact us at services@microforum.ca or call us at 1.800.465.CDCD (2323).
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