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Superior replication and duplication services for CD/DVD & Blu-ray®
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Our Products & Services:
Data Protection
Data Protection - CD/DVD and Blu-ray®
Copy Protection Technologies for CD, DVD, and Bluray (also known as Digital Rights Management, or DRM, for short) aim to prevent illegal, unauthorized copying of your Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). Microforum offers several solutions to thwart illegal reproduction of CD-ROMS, DVD-ROMS, Video DVDs, and Bluray discs. At Microforum, our specialized programmers make it easy to copy protect most CD and DVD Software and we can even help protect your Video or Movie DVDs.

Microforum provides expert implementation and support for the following DRM services:
For more information about our CD, DVD and Blu-ray copy protection services, please request a quote, contact us at services@microforum.ca or call us at 1.800.465.CDCD (2323).
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