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Our Products & Services:
CD and DVD Europaks
What is a Europak?

A Europak is nearly identical to a Digipak, except for one main difference... the Europak is designed to allow one continuous uninterrupted image to span all the panels on the inside of the case! In the design of a digipak, there are white spaces (interruptions) in the design on the inside panels (opposite the outside spines of the package). So, if your project designer is planning to use a large landscape image spanning all the inside panels, you will need to request a Europak (also called Euro-pack)! The Europak uses two-sided printing and 18pt – 24pt stock that is coated both sides to achieve a seamless design on both sides of the package.

Microforum has the capability to print and assemble high-quality Europaks for CDs and DVDs to hold one disc, two discs, three discs and even four discs! We offer turnkey manufacturing of many Europak styles with digi-tray(s) to hold CD(s), DVD(s) or Bluray disc(s).

For more information about Euro-style digipaks, please request a quote, contact us at services@microforum.ca or call us at 1.800.465.CDCD (2323).
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