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Our Products & Services:
DVD Cases (Amaray Styles)
DVD Cases, sometimes referred to as Amaray Cases or Amaray-style boxes, are the most common DVD packaging option for assembly of retail DVD packages. They are our most popular cases because of their relative low cost and high perceived value as a disc packaging choice. Our DVD cases are made of a soft plastic polypropelene and are less prone to cracking or breaking than the brittle hard plastic in CD jewel cases. Our DVD cases all come standard with a built-in clear overlay that is used to hold a single piece of paper called a slipsheet or trapsheet that wraps around the cover, the spine and the back of the case. The trapsheet can be printed one-sided or two-sided in cases where a transparent plastic is used (i.e. it is possible to print the trapsheets with colour on both sides).

The dimensions of our standard video dvd case are approx 5 4/8" wide, 7.5" tall and has a spine width of ½". The inside of our dvd cases contain clips to accommodate a printed insert on the inside left side of the DVD case. Microforum offers a large variety of standard printed options for the printed DVD insert inside the case from 1 panel/2-page inserts to a multi-page booklet – printed in our in-house printing and bindery facility!

Multi-disc DVD Cases
In situations where multiple DVDs are shipping in a box set (multi DVD box sets), Microforum offers multiple disc DVD case can be used to produce a relatively low priced multiple disc set. These multi DVD cases are commonly available in two general sizes:
½" (approx 14mm) spine multi disc cases (can hold up to 6 DVD discs maximum in a case!)
1" (approx 25mm) spine multi disc cases (can hold up to 10 DVDs in a case!)
The multi-disc DVD box is similar in style to the standard amaray-style single DVD case, but with additional trays to accommodate more than one DVD disc. These cases comes in a series of configurations to hold 1 DVD, 2 DVDs, 3 DVDs, 4 DVDs, 5 DVDs, 6 DVDs, 7 DVDs, 8 DVDs, 9 DVDs up to a maximum of 10 DVDs per case. These cases can be purchased in clear, black and white soft plastic.

Slipcases and O-Cards for DVD Boxes
To add additional marketing appeal to your DVD project, we manufacture Cardboard cases that can be used to slip over the DVD case or DVD box set. Slipcases made of cardboard and cardboard Ocards can be used to make your DVD stand out from the crowd.

An O-Card (sometimes called an O-case, or O-slip case) gets its name from its top profile. It is open ( like a tube ) and the DVD case would slide right into the opening, covering the front, the back and the spines of the cases. The O-Case would be open on the top and on the bottom, so the dvd case can slide in or out. A DVD Slip Case is similar to an O-Case, except at least one of the two ends of the case is closed with a flap.

Slipcases and O-Cards are made of Cardboard which allows more creativity otherwise not possible, like an Emboss, Foil Stamp, and High UV Gloss to achieve a distinct DVD product look. Sometimes, these cases are used for Box-sets and Special Video DVD Compilations that contain multiple discs, or to promote a Special Limited Edition or Collector's Edition of a DVD set.

For more information about Case Packaging for DVDs, please request a quote, contact us at services@microforum.ca or call us at 1.800.465.CDCD (2323).
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