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12" Black Vinyl

12" Black Vinyl

Available as of August 2016!

Microforum is pleased to be taking orders for 12" black vinyl pressing beginning August 2016!

Microforum will be running new state-of-the-art Vinyl presses. These fully-automated record presses use cutting-edge modern technology to improve the vinyl manufacturing process!

Microforum is not just pressing vinyl records, we are making vinyl records better!

Initially, Microforum will be offering Black 12" Vinyl records made with black PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Our pressing plant will start offering the classic standard black 12" records first in 2016. Please note that 10", 7" and Coloured vinyl pressing will be added to our offering in the first quarter of 2017.

Microforum prints the centre labels in-house on our offset press. Micoroforum offers B&W or Full Colour centre labels. Centre labels are baked in an oven prior to going on press in order to reduce moisture content in the inks. Our labels are not adhesive labels (i.e. not stickers). They are baked (molded) right into the record during the record manufacturing process.