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7" Black Vinyl

7" Black Vinyl

Now taking orders!

Microforum is pleased to be taking orders for 7" vinyl record pressing!

Microforum will be running new state-of-the-art Vinyl presses for 7" record manufacturing in January 2018. These fully-automated record presses use cutting-edge modern technology to improve the vinyl manufacturing process!

Microforum is not just pressing vinyl records, we are making vinyl records better!

Microforum will be offering 7" Vinyl records made with traditional PVC (polyvinyl chloride) with an option of either small center holes or large center holes.

For all your record manufacturing needs, Microforum prints the center labels in-house on our offset presses. Microforum offers B&W or Full Colour center labels. Our patent pending centre labels are specially designed to retain far less moisture than traditional centre labels, so they need very little to no baking in the manufacturing process, for a far superior finished product with greatly reduced waste in the manufacturing process.

We offer standard 45g 7" vinyl record manufacturing. We also provide a variety of options for color 7" vinyl records, including translucent colors, opaque colors, clear and white records.