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Download Cards and Download Labels

Download Cards and Download Labels

With Microforum's isongcard.com platform, you can include a download card or a download label with your vinyl project.

The iSongCard music download service features:
  • Standard account with 1 year of mp3 music hosting with card orders;
  • Choice of download card or a download label to be applied to the inner sleeve.
  • Minimum order of only 100 download cards or labels;
  • Up to 25 mp3 tracks for each standard account;
    • max. 15MB size per mp3
  • Song previews automatically generated by the iSongCard site;
  • A bio section to describe the band/artist;
  • An upcoming events section to list upcoming shows and venues;
  • Data collection;
    • Start collecting emails, or ask up to 5 customizable questions!
  • A bonus material section;
    • Bonus images, electronic liner notes, or even a short video (up to 5MB)
  • Easy page setup (no programming skill required; setup is done by the band/artist or their promoter)
  • Link to your external website (if applicable)
  • Our Vinyl + Download packages include a sticker (to be applied outside of shrinkwrap)
  • Technical Support*

*iSongCard is available for email support for the artist/band and fans