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Pre-mastering for Vinyl  
Lacquer and Stampers  
12" Black Vinyl  
10" Black Vinyl  
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Lacquer and Stampers

Lacquer and Stampers

Once we have your pre-mastered audio in a suitable format for vinyl manufacturing, we're ready to cut the lacquers. Lacquers are actually made out of an aluminum plate that is coated with lacquer. Your audio is physically cut into the surface in real-time to produce a "master" image which will be used later in a process called "electroplating" to create the actual stampers used to stamp your final records.
Once your lacquers are cut (one lacquer is required for each side), the lacquers are used to produce the stampers through a process called "electroplating". These final stampers are what we use on our presses to mold your finished record.

Test Pressing

Once the stampers are ready, it is recommended to order the optional test pressings. Microforum offers test pressings for a nominal extra fee so you can be sure you are pleased with the final results before incurring the expense of the final pressing. You may choose to skip the test pressing.