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Microforum Services Group is a professional replication and duplication company providing expert services for all optical digital storage and recordable media formats including:
Microforum Services Group provides Glass Mastering and Disc Injection Molding Services for the highest quality duplicate of your source master. In addition, our manufacturing facility is equipped with the most complete offset printing and bindery/finishing equipment in the industry. A truly one-stop-shop, Microforum not only replicates, but we also supply a full suite of printed packaging options for your optical disc project, including:
Microforum is the Environmentally-friendly Choice!
Microforum Services Group has adopted many environmental initiatives through the years and is proud of their track record as a leading Environmentally Friendly Canadian Manufacturer. Through the many processes involved in the manufacturing of CDs, DVDs, plastic cards and commercial print products Microforum has always been sensitive to the need for cleaner technologies, recycling programs, training, education and accountability throughout each department.

Waterless Offset Press w/ UV Inks
With the addition of a five colour offset waterless press in November 2007, Microforum's ability to print with UV inks / UV drying allows them the opportunity to maintain a higher level of environmentally friendly print production than traditional printers with traditional presses. The waterless press allows for less use of solvents and chemicals in cleaning and cutting of the inks. UV inks and coating are completely solid and friendlier to the environment since they are free from VOCs and HAPs (Hazardous Airborne Particles).
The UV printing process requires similar or lower electrical power than Infrared/Thermal Air Systems. It yields less ink and wash-up waste than conventional print since there is no waste from incidental drying.
Another and vitally important attribute of Microforum's waterless press is in the make ready time for each project that is run.
Traditionally presses use approximately 300-500 sheets of paper to set up or "make ready" prior to printing while the KBA Waterless press only uses between 20-30 sheets. This results in only 10% of the industry norms in make ready which equates to a substantial reduction in paper usage, thousands of trees saved, considerably less electricity and ink consumption used annually.

Microforum inventories and offers its clients many options in environmentally friendly paper and board stocks while continuing to seek out the next generation of Enviro-stocks. From 40% post consumer stocks to 100% recycled board products, Microforum is always in a position to supply any client with a myriad of options and to make recommendations specific to each clients requirements. Also, these eco friendly options are available (at no extra charge) for all our CD digipaks, DVD digipaks, CD printed materials, DVD printed materials, DVD trapsheets, DVD slipsheets, CD and DVD inserts, and CD cardboard sleeve packaging for all CD duplication, CD replication, DVD duplication and DVD replication projects (big and small).

Recycling Programs
Microforum has numerous recycling programs in place throughout the company; from the traditional office and employee recyclables through to the recycling of films, metal plates, chemicals, paper products, discarded CDs and discarded DVDs helping secure the company as a steward of the environment. Microforum's employees are educated and trained to manage all materials within their department safely and to industry expected environmentally friendly standards. NOTE: If you have extra CD media or DVD media from your CD Duplication, CD Replication, DVD Duplication or DVD Replication project, you can return the discs to us to have them properly recycled by us on your behalf.


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